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Freight Transportation Services

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At Atlanta Cargo Transportation, our streamlined and efficient services ensure a seamless experience for our valued clients. With over 30 years of expertise, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in every aspect of our operations. From relocation services to air, ground and expedited freight services, we handle it all with precision and care. Our professional team guarantees timely and reliable delivery of services, whether it’s corporate moves, sensitive equipment relocations, or warehousing needs. Experience the smoothness of our services and entrust your cargo to our expert hands.

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Freight Transportation Services

Experience seamless freight transportation services with our reliable solutions. Trust us for efficient delivery services. Your cargo, our priority.

Air & Ground Freight Service:

Efficiently transport your cargo by air or ground, ensuring swift and secure delivery to your desired destination.

Cross Docking

With our 75,000 sq. ft facility, we are able to assist with the receiving of deliveries and loading onto outbound vehicles.

Last Mile Delivery:

Consumers depend on speed and flexibility in the last mile of the supply chain. We connect leading retailers and shippers to their customers with proven experience.

Expedited & Dedicated Freight:

Accelerate your shipments with our expedited and dedicated freight services, prioritizing speed and precision for time-sensitive deliveries.

Courier & Hot Shot Services:

Reliably transport small parcels and urgent shipments with our dedicated courier and hot shot services, ensuring prompt and safe delivery.


Less-than-truckload services offered to those needing to ship items between 150lbs to 15,000lbs or up to 12 pallets.


Full-truckload services offered to those that need to ship items and utilize a full tractor trailer.



Specialized Relocation Services

Move Surplus Services up from Additional Services to Relocation section

Government, Commercial & Industrial Relocation:

Effortlessly move your business  with our reliable relocation services, providing a seamless transition to your new location.

Sensitive Equipment Relocation:

Safely transport your delicate equipment with precision and care, ensuring secure and damage-free relocation to your desired destination.

Cubicle Installations:

Expertly set up your workspace with our professional cubicle installation services, optimizing productivity and functionality in your office environment.


With our 75,000 sq. ft facility, we are able to provide storage space and logistics support for short and long term needsStorage – we offer short term and long term storage in our state of the art facility. We have the warehouse equipment and trained personnel to store your assets when needed in the Metro Atlanta area. Cross Docking – we are able to offer Cross docking services to customers globally. We receive shipments and load onto outgoing vehicles.Shredding – we offer commercial shredding services at our secure facility at a competitive price.


With our 75,000 sq. ft. facility, we provide storage space and logistics support for short and long term needs. Warehouse equipment and trained personnel are ready to store your assets when needed in the Metro Atlanta area.


We offer short term and long term storage in our state-of-the-art facility.

Cross Docking:

Offering Cross Docking services to customers globally, we receive shipments and load onto outgoing vehicles.

Safely transport your delicate equipment with precision and care, ensuring secure and damage-free relocation to your desired destination.


Protect your information every step of the way at our secure facility at a competitive price.


Additional Services

Enhance your operations with our additional services. From airport transfers to surplus industrial solutions and warehousing, we provide comprehensive support for your logistical needs.

Surplus Services:

Optimize your resource management with our surplus solutions, offering efficient handling and disposition of excess equipment and inventory.


Atlanta Cargo can provide moving supplies for all moves, no matter the size. We offer new boxes, tape, bubble wrap, plastic totes, dollies, speed packs and more.

Packing Services:

Running out of time to get prepared for your relocation? Atlanta Cargo has trained staff to assist you with making sure that all of your assets are securely packed, labeled and ready to be moved.

Installation Services:

Looking to have white boards, cork boards,bulletin boards or monitors installed? Atlanta Cargo has trained installers that will securely install your items to ADA requirements.

Inventory Services:

Atlanta Cargo has the experience with inventory services that you can work on other tasks while we take care of the accurate recording of your assets.


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