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Specializing in corporate moving services in the South Eastern Region of the United States

Air & Ground Freight Service


Long Hauling

Courier & Hot Shot Services

Commercial Movers

Last Mile Delivery

Sensitive Equipment Relocation

Surplus Services

Cubicle Installations

Cross Docking

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Discover a comprehensive range of reliable services tailored to meet your needs. From corporate moves, air and ground freight to long hauling and warehousing, we deliver excellence and ensure your satisfaction.

Delivering Excellence—On Time, Every Time

Experience unparalleled delivery excellence with our services. With over 30 years of expertise, we guarantee reliable and on-time deliveries, ensuring your goods arrive safely and efficiently. Trust us for impeccable service and peace of mind.

Our Warehouse System is Ready – Organized & Efficient

Trained Staff


Warehouse Security

Market Proximity
Storage Space
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Emergency Protocol
Parking and Space surrounding our building
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Quality Control

Freight Transportation Services

Ground Freight Service

Moving and Relocating your goods by ground, ensuring timely delivery and complete peace of mind.

Long Hauling

Swift and dedicated freight solutions tailored to your urgent needs, ensuring expedited delivery and reliable service for time-sensitive shipments.

Courier & Hot Shot Services

Reliable and fast courier services for prompt and secure delivery of your packages and documents, with dedicated hot shot services available for urgent shipments.

Last Mile Delivery

Successful companies are combining multiple delivery options to create a competive distribution model. We connect leading retailers and shippers to customers with proven last mile delivery.


Our logistics management includes unloading incoming delivery vehicles and loading the materials directly into outbound delivery vehicles, omitting traditional warehouse logistical practices and saving time and money.

Specialized Moving Services

Commercial Movers

Seamless and stress-free moving services for businesses and individuals, ensuring smooth transitions and efficient handling of your valuable belongings.

Sensitive Equipment Relocation

Specialized handling and transportation of sensitive equipment, providing the utmost care and precision to ensure secure relocation and intact functionality.

Cubicle Installations & Removals

Expert installation services for office cubicles, disassemble and reassemble (Knockdown) – ensuring efficient space utilization and creating functional work environments with precision and attention to detail.

Modular Furniture

Proficient in the installation of office partitions and other office furnishings for building tenants.

Additional Services

Moving Supplies

Make your moving experience hassle-free with our professional products.

Packing Services & Inventory

All-inclusive services for relocations, like packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, and arranging of items to be warehoused.



Secure and flexible warehousing solutions with safe storage and inventory management with customizable options to meet your specific needs.

Surplus Industrial

Efficient removal and transportation of surplus industrial equipment, maximizing your space and resources while ensuring proper disposal or redistribution.


Providing displays and work station installations .

Client Testimonials …


Contractor is very professional. No problems have occured while work for the VA
campus. Contractor is very responsive and adapted to any change or obstacle to ensure
that any assigned task was completed on time. Contactor has always been willing to
change their schedule to meet the needs of the VA.


VA Hospital

We bring in between 3-4 experts one to two times per week. They are fast, efficient,
thorough and energetic. I would not work with any one else. The moving team lead works directly with me on a listing daily pick ups and deliveries. They rarely encounter a problem and when they do, they solve it immediately. No Known deficiences. They have been instrumental during Covid pandemic helping us solve/establish multiple new Units and 2 Shot clinics. Incredibly responsive, very timely, even on short notice needs. Theyare the best.


I just wanted to bring to your attention the phenomenal job that the movers did for us this morning. To be honest, since it was such a large move it had me losing sleep and stressing over it last night, but the two gentlemen that assisted in the move made the experience so much more easy and stress-free. Please send them my sincerest of thanks and appreciation for all the work they did for us today and for being so incredibly friendly during the whole process.  


Person Hand On Steering Wheel
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